Ruination of a God

The Story So Far.....
The Rolling Adventure Log for Ruination

The campaign so far has only run 4 times. The first time was an in-person gaming session, the 2nd a quick mIRC NPC introduction, an even faster lead up to excitement via mIRC and the latest time has been a full blown mIRC extravaganza. Below is the story up to this point, summarized into sections.

In the Beginning Session One

In session one, the party, consisting of a Half-Elf Swordmage named Alrin and a Gensai Rogue named Nathaniel met against a common threat. The town of Loudwater was being assaulted by a unruly group of semi-organized Goblins. The assaulters broke through the main retaining wall of the city and after a night of fighting, was finally repelled from the city. The party was introduced to the mayor of the city, named Mirar Axticun. The session ended after 3.5 hours of playing.

An Introduction to Fate Session Two

Session 2 was a considerably shorter one. In this session Alrin and Nathaniel were given with the task of entering the great Ogre King’s Barrow with a relic the Goblins were after. Once in it’s depths, they were to retreive the rest of the relic and ressurect the Great Ogre King so that he may rally against the Goblins once and for all and drive them away from Loudwater. He gifted the PC’s with 2 magical items: to Alrin, an Amulet of Protection +1, and to Nathaniel, a set of Acrobatic Boots. They left on their way to the Barrow. The session ended after only 1.5 hours of play. Encounter XP and Quest XP was given for these two sessions, and the PCs attained Level 2.

Bringing forth the Pain Session Three

Session 3 started and ended with a bang. Meeting up with their newly met party member, Laze, they fell into a trap set by the Goblins whilst trying to enter the Ogre King’s tomb. Alrin fell into the great hole that was set, while Nathaniel and Laze were able to jump back in time to see it collapse. Hearing Alrin running for his life, the party fought back an encounter of goblins. After a long and distraught fight, the party was finally victorious, though Alrin was badly wounded. They were now inside the tomb, and rested at this time. The session ended after almost 4 hours of play.

A Chest to Die For Session Four

Session 4 started without one of the players. Laze’s player was not available so it was assumed his character was idle during the encounter. The PCs discovered alternate routes to the surface of the tomb. After making sure an easy escape would be possible, the group descended into the tomb and came to a crossroads. To the left and right were doors, while the forward path was clear. The group decided to slowly open the right door and entered it. Inside Nathaniel chose to pick up a ring that was on the ground, and set off an illusory trap, making rocks cover the enterance, they were assailed by a number of zombies. After a lengthy encounter, the party was victorious. They took the ring, and inside a locked chest in the room was a Rapier and set of Leather Armor. XP was given for last session and this’ Encounter, and the PC’s attained 4th level. Gametime lasted approximately 4 hours of play.


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