Ruination of a God is a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in the Forgotten Realms world. It take’s place mainly on Monday nights, but is known to change to whenever the players are available. We are not currently accepting new people.

Name: Ruination of a God

Edition: 4th Edition D&D set in Forgotten Realms

Time: Any time, mainly after 9 PM EST (-5 GMT)

Place: Online

Client Used: Fantasy Grounds II (Demo edition currently)

Players: 2 (2 additional that come and go)

Experience curve: Low curve. No experience with the game neccisary. 1x XP per PC

Pre-Made Splats?: Currently we are using pre-made material from WotC with heavy tweaking.

Homebrew material: After heavy research, I am allowing the following homebrew classes and paragon classes (Links included, Some may have to be downloaded):
Class Power Type Role URL
Monk Ki Striker Link to WotC Forums
Time Mage Arcane Controller Link to WotC Forums
Shapeshifter Primal Defender or Striker Link to WotC Forums
Historian Martial Any Link to WotC Forums
Paragon Path Power Type Role URL
Dervish Martial Striker Link to WotC Forums
Favored Soul Divine Defender Link to WotC Forums
True Necromancer Necrotic Controller Link to WotC Forums
Rainbow Servant Arcane Leader Link to WotC Forums

Ruination of a God